Tangents is a music magazine for digital natives. Inspired by old New York Times with
its small columns. By removing the headlines and visual hierarchies, you can dive into the magazine at any page, and move on from there in any direction. Translating the way we navigate the web to printed matter.

Combining different music related topics, and proposing how they connect with
each other. This first issue deals with noise, repetitive music and techno culture.
Every text is connected to the one next to it. By underlining our connections
in green, the transitions become more visible and easier to follow.

The index at the back tells you every information about the texts (Which you also
can find here) and the underlying grid helps you navigate.
Made in collaboration with: 
John Bengtsson, Måns Peterson and Reidar Pritzel.

Printed at Newspaper Club in Broadsheet format
and in an edition of 50

At the release we invited people to draw whatever they felt like on the cover.
An homage to all those mindless scribbles people have done on newspapers.